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Janis Ramquist

Raleigh, NC


Janis Ramquist
2208 Oxford Hill Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27608

Voice 919/831-9316
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The one rule that should be followed in all yoga classes

Use AHIMSA in class (a hem sa) Nonviolence, kindness, even to release negative thoughts, non-aggression, and GENTLENESS - ALL APPLIES TO HOW YOU TREAT YOUR BODY. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY ABOVE ALL ELSE. Pain and strain do NOT equal gain. If it does feel right don’t do it, tell your teacher and ask for modification or substitute postures. Your alignment may simply need adjustment. It is hard to see your own body. Learn the difference between discomfort/pain and sensations of a new feeling in the body. This applies to ignoring pain as well as worrying about new sensations. Yoga should feel good during, after practice, and the next day. Tell your teacher about past injuries.

It is not uncommon for misalignment or forgotten injuries to show up as you practice yoga. If this occurs tell your teacher for individual attention.



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