Janis Ramquist, Yoga Instructor

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Janis Ramquist

Raleigh, NC


Janis Ramquist
2208 Oxford Hill Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27608

Voice 919/831-9316
Fax 919/833-1464


Student Comments

Attorney, age 88: “A sensible person would use all the years of knowledge accumulated and do yoga.”

Elementary music teacher: “I knew I would feel better. I didn’t know I would feel THIS much better.”

Minister: “This is just wonderful.”

Massage therapist: “You are helping me get in touch with my body.”

Division of Aging Director: “After all these years, my neck doesn’t hurt anymore.”

Massage Therapist: “I really need your gentle teaching, my fibermyalgia is acting up.”

Marathon runner and golfer: “Yoga is part of my training plan for running marathons and I can feel that my golf swing is improved thanks to your yoga class.”

Granddaughter: “Grandma, let’s play yoga.”


Located in Raleigh, NC - Gentle Hatha Yoga