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Janis Janis Ramquist

Janis Ramquist had the reputation as a tough teacher in her early career. She earned the same reputation as one of the top lobbyists in the North Carolina General Assembly. She was featured in the News and Observer as “Tarheel of the Week”. In that article, she was described as “tough, tenacious, and witty.” Over the years she has been ranked among the most effective lobbyists in North Carolina.

Janis Ramquist has expanded her consulting and advisory capacity to other groups through seminars and consulting services. The transformation to consulting was a natural progression, combining skills from her first career as an educator with public policy expertise. She offers seminars and workshops that assist organizations to define goals, establish mission statements, facilitate strategic planning, develop media relations, and activate grassroots lobbying. She provides public policy research and produces communication tools designed for public policy issues. In addition, she offers workshops in stress management, drawing upon over thirty years of practice in yoga and certification to teach yoga and T’ai Chi Chih.

Ms. Ramquist’s abilities have been recognized by a variety of organizations. She earned the Certificate of Recognition from N.C. Women Attorneys; Certificate of Merit from the League of Women Voters United States; and ranked as one of the top 5% most effective lobbyists among all lobbyists in NC by the Center for Public Policy Research.

Janis Ramquist

For over twenty years, Janis Ramquist has provided lobbying services for numerous organizations and companies. Her clients range from Duke University and Westinghouse Corporation to the League of Women Voters and the Association of Nurse Anesthetists. She ensured the success of these groups in the General Assembly by providing a solid foundation of knowledge, strategy, and skills.

As an advocate for a wide range of issues, Ramquist has developed productive working relationships with an exceptionally large number of members of the General Assembly and other governmental bodies. She has the proficiency to motivate and gain the cooperation of people with a variety of positions, personalities, and backgrounds.

She has earned a Bachelors Degree from the California State University, a California Teaching License, and diplomas for Advanced Coastal Navigation (Coast Guard Auxiliary) and Sailing from Annapolis Sailing School. She has completed the Landmark Education Forum and Seminar courses and Legacy Leadership Training.

Several of her research projects have been published:

  • Effective Advocacy;
  • North Carolina Taxes: Impact on Taxpayers;
  • Research: Less Conventional Therapies;
  • Rights, Risks, and Responsibilities: Low-Level Radioactive Waste;
  • numerous articles for N.C. State Bar Quarterly, N.C. Insight and other statewide publications.

She has three adult children and two grandchildren. She is an avid sailor and yoga teacher.


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Empowerment ● Education ● Enlightenment

Legislators and co-workers describe Janis Ramquist as persistent, witty, hard-working, and articulate. Janis persuades, facilitates, coaches, trains, and guides you to discover your potential. Her unique aptitude to intermix a variety of skills to motivate people to be their best.

Communicates your concerns to the decision-makers. Continuously monitoring bills and advocates your interests. Is your presence at the General Assembly.


Define organizational goals, mission, and challenges. Visualize a direction for a vital organization on the move.

Transform goals into reality. A process of framing the organizational direction while assessing the potential effects of political climate, public opinion and internal challenges. The result is a detailed plan leading to actualizing goals.

Assesses the strengths and challenges facing the organization. Provides the “basics” and the “how-to” for the uninitiated individuals to the political world. Trains participants to communicate effectively with decision-makers. Develops a volunteer advocacy network.

Learn about the mysteries of making your issue newsworthy. The secrets of obtaining free media coverage. Prior projects have led to major policy changes including a tax restructuring.

Increase your success by accessing twenty years of experience developing action agendas conducive to the current public policy climate. You provide the issue; Janis will analyze the available data and research, assess public opinion, and design the communication tools with powerful conciseness. The result will be compelling arguments that will appeal to policy-makers and funding sources.

Stress management through a composite of T’ai Chi Chih, yoga, and Acu-exercise for immediate energy transformation.

(eight week commitment)
In-depth yoga practice to increase body awareness, flexibility and strength.

(eight week commitment)
Meditation in Motion -Learn the fine points of peaceful T’ai Chi Chih practice.


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