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In one study, meditating 15 minutes twice daily reduced physician visits over a six-month period and saved the health-care system $200 a patient. (Mehmet Oz, MD, Time, January 20, 2003)

Companies are paying for yoga due to the following employee conditions. Studies that indicate that Yoga can improve absenteeism, disability, and health costs can be viewed under " Health Benefits."

1. Lower absenteeism – high absenteeism was associated with behavioral at-risk status in eight of the 10 health areas examined. Employees experiencing back pain or mental health issues were one and a half times more likely to be absent. Percentage of the study population in at-risk health areas:

  • Stress 64.7%

  • Eating 62.9%

  • Exercise & Activity52.2%

  • Back care 49.3%

  • Self-care 46.6%

  • Mental health 36.9%

  • Weight 35.2%

  • Driving 20.4%

  • Smoking 17.3%

  • Alcohol 12.8%

(Seth Serxner, PhD, MPH Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2001)

Employees at General Motors’ tool and die plant in Flint, Michigan are losing weight and lowering their cholesterol with yoga. “They generally have fewer absences, fewer injuries and physical problems, function better under stress and generally have a more positive outlook. They tend to live longer, healthier lives.” (Raleigh News & Observer, April 21, 2002)

2. Medical care and disability costs of key health conditions (dollars in millions)

  • Musculoskeletal $59.1

  • Cardiovascular $39.3

  • Mental Health $26.8

  • Gastrointestinal $26.8

  • Respiratory $16.2

(Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Feb 23, 2001).

3. Modifying behavior health risk factors contribute substantially to overall health care expenditure. (David Anderson PhD, American Journal of Health Promotion, Sept/Oct. 2000)

4. Physical inactivity is linked to higher direct medical costs. The average annual benefit of physical activity was $330 per person in 1987 dollars. Annual national medical cost savings in 2000 could be $76.6 billion. (Michael Pratt, MD, MPH The Physician and Sportsmedicine, Oct 2000)

The following companies hold yoga classes on site or pay for classes.

  • Starbucks, New Business Development

  • TripHub.com

  • OneBody.com

  • Fasturn, Inc, a dot com company

  • Bingham Dana, Boston based law firm

  • Karen Weiner Escalera (KWE) Associates, New York public relations firm

  • Grey HealthCareGroup, Ad agency

  • Many national football and baseball teams use yoga as part of their practice.


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